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The Safest Vacation in Mexico – Cabo San Lucas

The Safest Vacation in Mexico – Cabo San Lucas

Mar 26, 2013

Cabo is known for being one of the safest places in Mexico for vacationers, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your travel common sense at home. We’ve compiled a list of vacation safety tips that any traveler would be smart to follow. Check out the following tips to help you and your family stay safe.

Be Smart With Your Wallet

Pick pocketing is an issue that can happen anywhere with anyone, but travelers seem to be a constant target. This may be because they are easily distracted by the sights and tend to carry large amounts of money with them. Try to avoid both of these tendencies so you don’t end up another person who had their things stolen while on vacation.

Be an Alert Pedestrian

Although it may be difficult to take your eyes off of the many sites while moving from A to B, pedestrians should keep an eye out for cracks and holes in the road. Walkers should be aware of their surroundings and double check both ways before walking across the street.

Keep an Eye on What You’re Drinking

If you decide to hit up the nightlife in Cabo San Lucas, it is a good idea to hold onto your drink. Just like any other party destination, Cabo may have people on the hunt for vulnerable drinks and people who leave them out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Don’t be one of those people that leave their drink unattended.

Avoid Swimming in the Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is so mesmerizing to look at for a reason –the water is unpredictable and in constant motion. It is okay to play around the shoreline but the further you go out into the ocean, the more danger you are putting yourself in. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, be cautious. Testing your limits could get you sucked into the waves, so keep to the shore. Besides, there are multiple pools for you to swim in at the resort.

Avoid Being a Loner

One of the most dangerous things you can do is walk alone, especially at night if you have been drinking. Be smart and stick to the buddy system.

Pack Wisely

For those visiting Mexico from other countries, like the United States or Canada, you want to be sure that you remember your proper identification. Nothing can ruin your vacation faster than forgetting proper id to get through customs.

Bring any medication along with the prescriptions, but be sure to only bring as much as you need for the duration of your trip. If the Mexican authorities suspect you have more medication with you than you need, they may detain you. Also be sure to follow all TSA regulations. You don’t want to miss your flight or delay the fun you could be having on your trip!

One final packing tip-be sure to pack sunscreen and after sun care products, like aloe gel. A bad sunburn can put a damper on your vacation.

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Photo Courtesy of JeffGunn/Flickr

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